Forest School Bumpkin

A forest school leader in the making. One fire at a time.

Outdoor Office

I'm currently sitting in the garden alternating between sunglasses and a blanket cuddling hot water bottle. Classic British weather! I'm trying to find some enjoyment and to give myself inspiration while tackling the hardest part of the forest school training,... Continue Reading →


Clay creatures hiding in the woods

On the last day of our training we had to deliver our own forest school session to the rest of the group. This is something that I felt more confident in as it didn't involve tools, fires or shelters. TheĀ ... Continue Reading →

Campfire Cooking – a whole new world

As part of our assessment, we had to cook a course of a lunch in small groups. Now cooking on a campfire is not something I have had much practise with. Marshmallows on the end of a stick and bbqs... Continue Reading →

Forest School Assessment Week

I can't believe it's already been 6 months since I did the Forest School training week. So much has developed in my school since but I still don't feel like I've mastered this forest school leader thing. I felt anxious... Continue Reading →

Forest School First Aid

For two days this week, I've driven from the big city to an idyllic woodland spot in the middle of the Surrey Hills. A surreal location for a course but a perfect little getaway. These days included a crash course... Continue Reading →

The wonders of time

I'm finding the more I give my children access to forest school the more creative they are becoming in different situations. As I have previously mentioned I set up a den in our school playground (a small area of natural... Continue Reading →

Firestarter – testing out my Tinder skills

Looking through my forest school portfolio, the largest gap was campfires. I have experienced many over the years but it is not something that I feel confident in. Sadly we're not able to have fires on Tooting Common (for obvious... Continue Reading →

Forest School Puppets

The big premiere - staff training day! I was asked to run a day long taster of forest schooling to our primary school staff on what turned out to be one of the coldest days of the year. I was... Continue Reading →

Shelter building with Lionel Ritchie

I wanted to test out my high shelter skills before writing about the method in my forest school portfolio. With a little help from the photos I took during my training, I thought I could piece together all the processes... Continue Reading →

Lashings of string

Out of all the techniques I was taught during my forest school training week, I found lashing so satisfying. Again it all starts off with my favourite ways of learning, through a little story. Slide the fish (one loop) on... Continue Reading →

The Den!

I've been trying to create a little urban oasis in my tiny school playground. There isn't much room to play with but I'm chuffed with the results. I can finally look at the mural after a traumatic time painting when... Continue Reading →

Striking up a flame with Tinder

As a child, my Dad was always having bonfires at the end of the garden. The smell of smoked out clothes is greatly nostalgic to me followed by, "you're not coming in here with those!" from my mum. These bonfires... Continue Reading →

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