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October 2016

Shelter building with Lionel Ritchie

I wanted to test out my high shelter skills before writing about the method in my forest school portfolio. With a little help from the photos I took during my training, I thought I could piece together all the processes... Continue Reading →


Lashings of string

Out of all the techniques I was taught during my forest school training week, I found lashing so satisfying. Again it all starts off with my favourite ways of learning, through a little story. Slide the fish (one loop) on... Continue Reading →

The Den!

I've been trying to create a little urban oasis in my tiny school playground. There isn't much room to play with but I'm chuffed with the results. I can finally look at the mural after a traumatic time painting when... Continue Reading →

Striking up a flame with Tinder

As a child, my Dad was always having bonfires at the end of the garden. The smell of smoked out clothes is greatly nostalgic to me followed by, "you're not coming in here with those!" from my mum. These bonfires... Continue Reading →

Let the adventures begin!

It all started on 10th October 2016 during a particular sunny week in Ham, London and I would go as far as saying it was one of the best weeks of my life. 18 strangers turned up to start the... Continue Reading →

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