As a child, my Dad was always having bonfires at the end of the garden. The smell of smoked out clothes is greatly nostalgic to me followed by, “you’re not coming in here with those!” from my mum. These bonfires were never that technical and involved chucking on a load of old branches from the garden and setting it alight with paraffin so a chance to learn ‘the safe way’ was greatly appreciated.

I had never made the connection between the dating app Tinder and campfires, something that still amuses me! I am not one to remember facts but learning about the oils in Silver Birch and the use of punk (a soft rotting wood with a large surface area) to light a fire was the most information I had retained for a long time. It was just showing me the importance of ‘doing’ and not just listening. A teaching style I think many of us don’t use enough in any workplace.

Lighting fires is something that I need to build in confidence with before doing with groups of children but there is nothing more satisfying that creating a tiny spark with a fire steel that grows into a  roaring fire. A campfire experience is a must! Something I know many of my children at school as well as their parents have not had the pleasure of experiencing.