I’ve been trying to create a little urban oasis in my tiny school playground. There isn’t much room to play with but I’m chuffed with the results.

I can finally look at the mural after a traumatic time painting when a rain shower struck. It was a testing time while we mopped up the continuous drips of paint and watched our hours of handiwork wash away in seconds. I’ve never wanted a spare pair of hands more! However we came out the other side, repainted and here are the results. A lovely little corner to brighten up the grey tarmac.

The three containers in the middle are the homes for a mini mud kitchen, pond and bug hotel. It is a space for the children to use during play times and planned lessons. Over time we’ll grow more plants, add in natural resources to play with and some little fishies. I can’t wait for the children to get stuck in. It might not seem like a lot but I’m hoping this area will allow children to develop not only a connection with nature but to also unleash their imagination. It saddens me to see children who don’t know what to do at playtime because “there is nothing to play with.” At their young age they should be able to build upon their own experiences and make up their own games. I’m hoping this area will allow this with the help from my dear friends mud, pine cone and sticks.