Out of all the techniques I was taught during my forest school training week, I found lashing so satisfying. Again it all starts off with my favourite ways of learning, through a little story. Slide the fish (one loop) on to the dish (another loop) before putting it around the end of the stick. A simple step made so much more enjoyable and memorable through a visualisation.

I have tested out teaching this skill to some friends to see if it made sense to others. It all started with a classic saying that I hear from the children all the time, “I’m going to be rubbish at this!” This feeling/reaction runs through many of our lives and is a quick defense mechanism to deal with possible failure. This is what I love about forest school that many of the techniques are simple and repetitive, giving people quick gains and successes. I taught it to two separate group of friends and the journey from “I can’t do this” to “I want to take it home” was apparent in both situations. It was lovely to see how 5 sticks and some lengths of string could cause such a change in someone over such a short period of time.

I can’t wait to see this journey with my class as I teach them new skills.