I wanted to test out my high shelter skills before writing about the method in my forest school portfolio. With a little help from the photos I took during my training, I thought I could piece together all the processes needed. There were a few frustrating moment when I had realised I had forgotten something crucial and had to undo my handy work however I thought this was a great reminder of how the children feel when things don’t go right first time.  This wasn’t helped by the storm that was brewing causing a constant comical fight between myself and the tarpaulin.

When it came to the guy lines, I took great pleasure in showing off the ‘Lionel Ritchie’ technique. This involves singing “once…twice….three times a lady” to remember how many times to wind the string around. Sadly I was so amused by this part I had forgotten how to finish off the knot and had to resort to google to find out. (Forest school shame!)

This made me think about how important story telling and little ditties are in helping me to remember. I always used to make up acronyms and poems to help me to remember the key facts and lists during my school exams. This is a process that I think a lot of people benefit from and helps them to visuals the steps. I hope to develop this further through other practices for myself but to also help the children to learn.