Looking through my forest school portfolio, the largest gap was campfires. I have experienced many over the years but it is not something that I feel confident in.

Sadly we’re not able to have fires on Tooting Common (for obvious reasons) so I’m unable to practise. There has been talk of setting up a temporary fire pit in our school playground in the summer but before I push for this idea to become a reality, I feel I need to know what I’m talking about! So off I trekked to my parent’s garden in Devon to give it a go and hone my skills without a crowd.

The main thing was, I LOVED IT! I whiled away the morning dragging logs to make a fire circle and a fire pit with stakes to keep it all in place. I actually found making the circle highly satisfying, it is such a simple structure but so effective. Before my training, I would not have spent long sorting my sticks into piles of different thicknesses but not only do I see how important it is, it is also the most therapeutic job! Who knew looking at 5 piles of different thicknesses of wood could make you so proud of yourself!

After having the fire, it all seemed less scary and I will definitely be looking in to how we can have a site at school. It is hard in a London school as space is always so precious but there must be a way of working it out. It is not at the top of my list of priorities but is well and truly on the list of must-haves.

Next step: cooking!