For two days this week, I’ve driven from the big city to an idyllic woodland spot in the middle of the Surrey Hills. A surreal location for a course but a perfect little getaway.

These days included a crash course on what to do in most major medical emergencies, enough to panic anyone! I’ve attended other first aid courses and so I know the basics but this was one step further. Scenarios were being thrown out left, right and centre for us to deal with in the woods.

“Now imagine you’re on the side of a mountain, the emergency services can’t get to you and someone has collapsed and has a broken leg, is bleeding from the head and is unresponsive. All you have is a roll mat and a tarpaulin….GO!”

It’s amazing how blank your mind goes when faced with a ‘situation’ like this especially when 2 men are following you around with a clip board making sure you are not killing the casualty!

However in all seriousness, it was a really important and informative course. It made me really think about my site and how, even though it is not on the side of an inaccessible mountain, I can keep everyone safe. I need to have a deeper think about emergency procedures and how I can provide the safest environment for my children. It is the little things that will make an emergency situation a lot calmer and efficient. I need to think about the extras in my kit list like camp mats and handy napkins for tying.

My first aid thinking safety hat is well and truly on.