I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since I did the Forest School training week. So much has developed in my school since but I still don’t feel like I’ve mastered this forest school leader thing. I felt anxious about ASSESSMENT, it seemed so important and serious but how wrong I was. It was the best ‘exam’ I’ve ever taken! It was so supportive and everything you want forest school to be for the children.

It was so nice to be back in our training woods but this time a little less clueless. In Forest School they talk about deep level learning and the importance of being engrossed in an activity, lost in thought. I felt I had the opportunity to be in that moment this week. A time to reflect on what has happened and where it is all leading next. I went into this week feeling a little deflated about forest school thinking I hadn’t acheived very much and that there was so much more to learn.

I came out of it thinking, yes, I do have A LOT to learn but what an exciting journey I am embarking on. I just hope I can keep this momentum going when I am back at my school. Sometimes it seems like there is a constant conflict between my two learning settings without enough time to do either properly. However, even though I had a good moan about the assessment week being during my Easter holidays, it has not seemed like a chore at all. Somehow it felt like a strange holiday retreat for the bewildered! A time to reflect and think about your life in a different setting. I think if I carry out my own practise and improve my skills in my own time, I might feel more connected to the sessions and be more confident to move forward with the use of tools and shelters. This will open so many doors for me and my children at school.