As part of our assessment, we had to cook a course of a lunch in small groups. Now cooking on a campfire is not something I have had much practise with. Marshmallows on the end of a stick and bbqs are about as far as my outdoor cooking career has gone.

Well, what a magical experience it was! The menu was as follows:

Starter –   rosemary bread cooked on whittled sticks

–   leek and potato soup

Main   –   ratatouille on baked sweet potatoes

–   corn on the cobb and a grilled halloumi salad

Pudding – Apple crumble with nut brittle

What a feast!

I hadn’t ever realised the satisfaction you get from cooking in such a rustic way. Watching your food’s every move as it bubbles (and burns!) away.

I don’t yet feel confident to a 3 course meal with my children but cooking is definitely on my forest school wish list. In my setting, we can’t have fires on our forest school site but there is a possibility of having it in our school playground in a fire pit. I will look into this and maybe some fund raising ideas. Cooking on a campfire should be on everyone’s bucket list!