I’m currently sitting in the garden alternating between sunglasses and a blanket cuddling hot water bottle. Classic British weather!

I’m trying to find some enjoyment and to give myself inspiration while tackling the hardest part of the forest school training, the portfolio. I’m sure no one in my life wants me to tell them anymore about the 120 page portfolio burden I have! I see the importance of so much of it but it really doesn’t suit my learning style and in my opinion, the forest school ethos.

It proves to me that the feeling of being overwhelmed is such a stressful experience for not only me but the children when faced with such a big task and a time limit. I do understand that life can’t all be shelter building, whittling and camp fires but there is a balance to be had. Dragging my computer into the outdoors is my compromise!

I am such a procrastinator and have actually found some inner peace from writing this blog. This started as ‘yet another thing to do’ for the reflective diary part of my portfolio but I have actually found it a useful experience in looking back and forward all at the same time. This forest school training process is filled with such emotions, dragging up countryside memories of my upbringing to the constant curriculum battle I face on a daily basis now.

If I could just whittle my portfolio, I’d be much happier!